Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight: Essential in a survival kit 


The Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight is a must-have tool. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that offers great durability, 4 different focus levels and 5 light modes, two of which are perfect for emergency situations. No matter the need, this tactical flashlight raises up to the expectations!


Being honest with ourselves is the safest way to remain healthy and live a good life. Part from this process is also realizing that we can’t know everything. We don’t know when the next big storm is going to come and leave us powerless, or when the next earthquake is going to hit our city. We can only hope that it won’t happen, but we can’t control it.

Therefore, we need to be prepared. You know the saying: “Better safe than sorry.” We need to make sure that we have everything we need in our homes and even in our cars at all times. Of course, we should not overdo it, but essential tools such as rope, medicinal kits, tissues and a flashlight should already be in our inventory.

However, a qualitative flashlight is useful even if there are no unpleasant situations going on. There are power cuts from time to time in all of our neighborhoods and not all of us have a well-lit garage or basement.

Speaking of flashlights, there’s a big discussion here. There are numerous models available on the market and all of them promise amazing light, settings and battery life. However, we’ve discovered one that does all that and more while also being extremely affordable.

The Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight is more than just a powerful alternative source of light; it’s a tool and a weapon that any individual should own.


Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight: What we love about it

The first thing that we appreciated about this tactical flashlight were the high-quality materials that have been used in the process of making this tool. The Eagle Eye X700 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum; this means two things: that it is extremely lightweight and easy to handle while also being strong enough to help the bearer break a window with it. Moreover, as aluminum is corrosion-resistant, this tactical flashlight is believed to win the test of time. Therefore, usability and durability are both assured.

The Cree T6 LED bulb provides a number of advantages that we need to mention when compared to other models on the market: it is smaller in size, more energy-efficient, produces minimal heat and has a far longer lifespan. Even more, it works amazing in both hot and cold environments, which means that you won’t experience any light-interruptions. During an unwanted event, counting on your flashlight is more important than you think. The Eagle Eye Tactical Flashlight offers approximately 100.000 lamp life hours, which is a lot.

There are also some other features that make this tactical flashlight stand out from most of its competitors: the telescoping focus. All you need to do is twist it and adjust the beam of light according to your specific need. With four different focus levels (x1, x250, x500 and x2000) there’s literally no situation this flashlight can’t face.

There are five light modes available: three usual ones (low, medium, high) and an extra two options for specific situations: strobe and SOS. You can easily switch between them according to your situation.

Furthermore, besides the already mentioned and more than obvious functionality, the Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight also works as a great defense mechanism in case you’re being attacked on the street or in your house. The flashlight features a beveled edge all around the beam which you can use in self-defense to disarm your attacker, or to break a window or another similar object.

If you find yourself in the wilderness, you can use this flashlight to mince ingredients, break small pieces of wood for a fire, crack nuts and more.


How it can help you

The Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight can help individuals in numerous ways. Whether you need an extra light when going to the basement, an extra help in the garage or you find yourself in danger, this tactical flashlight can make a tremendous difference in the outcome. Here are the benefits that we discovered while using the product:

Easily adapts to numerous situations

Thanks to the 4 different focus settings and 5 light modes, the Eagle Eye Tactical Flashlight successfully adapts to all situations.

Easy to use

There is no rocket-science behind using this tactical flashlight. It is easy to use, lightweight and ergonomically designed for high usability.

Durable, lightweight design

This tactical flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, a material that not only makes the flashlight lightweight, but also durable and strong enough to break objects such as glass.



  • Great usability thanks to the durable, lightweight design
  • Numerous light modes available, adaptable to any situation
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use by anyone
  • Multifunctional: can also act as a self-defense tool


  • Can only be purchased online
  • There’s only one design available, in black
  • Only one size available